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Premier on wall mounted sign

  You will be notified when your sign is prepared for shipment. You will receive either an email or a phone call providing the name of the shipping company, the Bill of Laden number and the terminal phone number.  We recommend that you call the dispatcher at the freight company and ask about your sign's delivery. Every freight company wants to make the delivery of your sign as convenient as possible. Depending on routes and loads, remember that it may be necessary for you to have man power available at a time that may not be the most convenient. This may be unavoidable at times. An option should this occur would be to have your sign delivered at a local business that has a loading dock. Later when it is more convenient, you can transport your sign to where you will be installing it.

More often, your sign will be delivered to your facility at a convenient time. You will normally be provided an approximate time or span of time to expect delivery. Your sign will weight between 300 and 500 pounds on average. We recommend you have four to five men available to slide your sign from the truck down onto the ground.

Many times, you can request your sign be delivered on a truck with a lift-gate. There will be an additional charge. This is about $100.00 on average. Not all delivery routes however have a lift-gate option available. If you desire a lift-gate, ask the dispatcher if you can receive your sign on a truck that has one.

Crated sign.  
  Your cabinet keys are standard key stock. We recommend you have several additional keys made when convenient.  We can mail replacement keys when needed. Keyed lock.  
  Premier model signs that are installing on a wall have two options available.  One option is we can provide you with brackets welded onto your cabinet. The other option is to install your cabinet by drilling straight through corners gussets (braces) provided on the inside of your sign cabinet.  Gussets or exterior brackets.  
  If your wall does not have a base for your cabinet to rest on, the cabinet should be installed using lag bolts.  If there is a wall, you can use either lag bolts or heavy duty tap in drive pins.

Signs resting on a base will require a minimum of one quarter inch spacing for condensation drainage vi the weep holes provided in the bottom of your cabinet.

lag bolt and shield.  
  Your sign face hangs from a hangar bar. It is necessary to set your sign face back onto the hangar bar when the face is returned to the cabinet. Closing the cabinet door with the face not placed properly can result in binding the door against the face. The faces are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate but can be damaged if sufficient pressure is exerted. Hangar bar.  
  You will need to open your sign cabinet and remove the sign face to reduce the weight of the sign cabinet for installing purposes.  The electrical wiring of your sign is under aluminum covers on the inside walls of your sign cabinet.  Removing these covers will provide you with access to the extrusion walls for drilling.

The electrical wiring is located on the inside at the bottom of your sign cabinet.  Extra length of wiring is coiled up and is located beneath access panels at the bottom of the cabinet.

Consult your local electrician for how he would best like to access your sign cabinet. Because the walls are aluminum extrusion, access can be made by drilling straight through either the walls or the base.



Side walls of sign cabinet.  
  An on/off switch is provided on every sign. The location of the switch will depend on whether or not you will be having us provide you with angle brackets or not. If your sign will rest on a base and will be mounting without a space between the columns and the sign cabinet, the switch will need to be located on the top of the cabinet.  Please tell your sales representative how your installation will be made so that we can provide the switch without you having to relocate it. On off switch.  
  Please remember to share any photographs that you have taken with us. We understand it is not always convenient to have someone taking pictures but the pictures that you share WILL help someone else understand the installation steps involved in their new sign.

We would especially appreciate photos showing...

  • Unloading your sign from the truck.
  • Attaching your sign cabinet to the wall.
  • Wiring the electrical on your sign.
  • Your completed sign with the installation "crew".

When we receive photos of signs with a message such as "THANK YOU CORNERSTONE", we immediately mail a free message book as a Thank-you. Should you be able to video your installation, contact your sales representative and ask about a Special Reward.

Premier on wall mounted sign  
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