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Premier model center pole mount sign

  You will be notified when your sign is prepared for shipment. You will receive either an email or a phone call providing the name of the shipping company, the Bill of Lading number and the terminal phone number.  We recommend that you call the dispatcher at the freight company and ask about your sign's delivery. Every freight company wants to make the delivery of your sign as convenient as possible. Depending on routes and loads, remember that it may be necessary for you to have man power available at a time that may not be the most convenient. This may be unavoidable at times. An option should this occur would be to have your sign delivered at a local business that has a loading dock. Later when it is more convenient, you can transport your sign to where you will be installing it.

More often, your sign will be delivered to your facility at a convenient time. You will normally be provided an approximate time or span of time to expect delivery. Your sign will weight between 400 and 900 pounds on average. We recommend you have four to five men available to slide your sign from the truck down onto the ground.

Many times, you can request your sign be delivered on a truck with a lift-gate. There will be an additional charge. This is about $100.00 on average. Not all delivery routes however have a lift-gate option available. If you desire a lift-gate, ask the dispatcher if you can receive your sign on a truck that has one.

Crated sign  
  Your premier model center pole mount sign will ship with a steel pipe that has a welded plate that bolts to a matching steel plate that extends from the sign cabinet. Bolts are provided. The pipe will be of sufficient length to allow for the prepared ground clearance and the necessary hole depth.  Most pipes are approximately 7 feet. Pipe with welded plate  
  Your foundation hole should be prepared per the provided engineered drawings that are sent with your sign. Your foundation will be engineered for a 130mph wind load.

Locate your sign after confirming the location is approved by your local zoning department. You do not want to have to move your sign once your foundation is prepared.

Once your sign location is decided upon, call for a utility locate. This is never an option. In most every state, it is the law. Repairs to utility lines can be very expensive and will delay your installation.


Foundation drawing  
  If your sign is near an intersection or driveway, confirm with your local zoning office regarding the proper sight distance triangle measurements. Your sign will need to be out of this triangle.


Sight distance triangle  
  Consult with your local electrician so that you can have your electrical extend where it needs to for final connections. Your electrician may want to specify the type of in-ground conduit or flex cable based on their preference or local electrical codes. While most signs will only require 2 to 4 amps, your electrician will most likely want to allow for a 15 amp circuit.  Your sign will be provided with an on/off switch. Extra wire will be coiled and left inside the cabinet. Electrical  
  Preparing your foundation will be relatively easy. Depending upon your ground conditions,  you can dig by hand or use a back hoe. Care will be need taken to cover hole after digging if the hole will be left empty and unattended overnight.

Remember to make arrangements to have excess dirt carried away.

Digging foundation by hand  
  Install your pipe allowing for the proper ground clearance. If your ground clearance is 36 inches, you will want to allow an extra inch so that your pole cover will have adequate room to attach to your sign.  After attaching your pole cover, you will back fill to fill the one inch gap. pipe with wires  
  Allow two to three days for your concrete to set before setting your sign atop of pipe plate. Bolt plates together using provided bolts. Setting sign atop of plate.  
  Open your sign and remove inside face. The face will remove easily by lifting from the sides or gripping the track and lifting up about one inch to unseat from the hangar bar that it rests on. Set the sign aside. Do not lay sign face on the ground to be stepped on.

Your electrical wires will be located beneath the raceway cover on the inside bottom of your sign cabinet. The covers will remove and you will find adequate wire to make your electrical connection.

Open cabinet  
Your sign face hangs from a hangar bar. It is necessary to set your sign face back onto the hangar bar when the face is returned to the cabinet. Closing the cabinet door with the face not placed properly can result in binding the door against the face. The faces are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate but can be damaged if sufficient pressure is exerted.
Hangar bar.  
  Attaching your pole cover is typically done after your electrical connections have been made unless your wires are extended up through the pipe and waiting is not necessary. The pole cover attaches to an angle piece attached t the bottom of your sign cabinet with the provided screws. Pole cover to attach.  
  Your sign should now be completely installed. The only remaining things to do will be to landscape around your sign, wipe off your sign of any debri or dirt that may have gotten on it, and to place your first message onto the sign. Putting message on sign.  
  Your cabinet keys are standard key stock. We recommend you have several additional keys made when convenient.  We can mail replacement keys when needed. Keyed lock.  
  Please remember to share any photographs that you have taken with us. We understand it is not always convenient to have someone taking pictures but the pictures that you share WILL help someone else understand the installation steps involved in their new sign.

We would especially appreciate photos showing...

  • Unloading your sign from the truck.
  • Preparing your foundation.
  • Attaching your sign cabinet to the pole.
  • Wiring the electrical on your sign.
  • Your completed sign with the installation "crew".

When we receive photos of signs with a message such as "THANK YOU CORNERSTONE", we immediately mail a free message book as a Thank-you. Should you be able to video your installation, contact your sales representative and ask about a Special Reward.

Finished sign  
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