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formed plastic indoor & outdoor letters

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Lifetime Guarantee
Should you ever have a problem with your order, we will go out or our way to make it right. If a Gemini formed plastic letter, logo or plaque should ever break, crack, chip, fade or fail to look as good as the day it arrived, we will replace it.
  Lifetime guarantee on all Gemini formed plastic letters
Gold Leaf Finish


NEW - Gold Leaf Finish


Pure 24K gold is applied to any Gemini Formed Plastic Letters. The finish result is not matched by any paint, treatment, or other base metal. Gold Leaf is truly the gold standard of the industry. Completely weatherable, installations last a generation before re-leafing is required due to ewear and tear in most applications. Round and prismatic styles are recommended for best results. Call for a quote on this process, which might also extend lead times on your order.



When you think of dimensional wall letters you have an image of flashy and fancy. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Wall letters can sometimes be more efficient and simple with a high quality, perfected product. Clean lines, smooth edges, and a surface that is blemish free. Gemini’s formed plastic letters are the original “Gemini Letters”. Formed plastic letters are the most popular and durable product in the sign industry today.

Many businesses can use stylish and colorful dimensional sign letters to display their business name in a professional way. Gift shops, clothing stores, accountants, doctor’s offices, insurance groups, schools and many more will find the added benefit of having three dimensional signage. These reception area wall letters are cost efficient and earth friendly. Gemini’s molds make it easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3D sign. Gemini extrudes their own sheets of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), so the money they save is passed on to the customers in the low price for the product. Gemini now has 3 different forming locations across North America which allows for the letters to usually be about 2 days away from your door.

Plastic Letters

With formed 3 dimensional plastic letters, you can choose from over 128 standard styles and 31 standard colors along with matching custom paint. Among the many different standard colors you can use, there is also a near chrome finish and gold leaf finish. These finishes do require special quote requests. Custom formed letters can have a thickness up to 2” deep and can have a single formed piece up to 45” x 68”. You can also choose from 3 different surface types, flat, round or prismatic. Purchasing manufactured formed plastic letters has been shown that it actually costs less than a sheet of foam, and has better presentation.

Gemini’s letters are made from a material called CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate). This material is a green plastic that is earth friendly with no harmful ingredients. It is derived from wood and cotton fiber cells. In the creation of formed plastic letters, Gemini is able to replicate a typestyle or logo even if it isn’t in their extensive mold inventory. The large letters and logos can withstand all elements and have stood the test of time with Gemini since 1963. With so many custom and standard options available, Gemini is able to create designs for you in less time, money and hassle than if manufactured by yourself.

The plastic formed letters are also impact and fade resistant. The way the plastic is formed is by using sheets of plastic and heat them until they are flexible enough to be laid over molds set on a vacuum table. The plastic sheet is then formed into the mold by strong suction until it has taken form of the mold.

Your logo can be brought to life with color and custom forming. These building letters provide so much options and a variety of things to choose from. The plastic used is 100% recyclable and delivers added depth and dimension at a lower cost. The dimensional letters can also be backlit with LEDs so that your logo and lettering will stand out in the dark.

Gemini’s plastic formed letters is the way to go when a low cost professional appearance is required. Gemini provides easy installation with 10 different ways to mount the letters to the surface. The different types of mounts are: plain, flange, stud, pad, combination, combination all, outside bracket, wire, form-filled (max. 9”) and free standing. Cornerstone can provide you with a custom quote on your wall mount letters and even send you a sample so you can know exactly the type of high quality product you will be receiving for your order. Keep in mind these letters are extremely strong, but despite their amazing tolerance to natural elements, Gemini still stands behind their product 100% and guarantees them for life!