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Q. Why are the prices lower ?
A. We keep things as simple as possible.
  • We do not pay for endorsements to major church denominations. This can add 15% or more to the price of our client's sign.
  • We do not have a large advertising budget that adds to the cost of our client's sign.
  • Cornerstone partners with it's wholesale fabricators for selling of some sign models.  This does not increase the cost of our clients signs and does help us provide a very high level of service and technical and engineering expertise. 

We have no secrets beyond this simple formula.  We work hard.  We save our clients money on their signs.

Q. Why Cornerstone for your next sign ?
A. Since 1952, our third generation company has been designing, fabricating and installing church, school and commercial signs. We are committed to providing you with a quality sign that both meets your needs and satisfies your budget requirements. Cornerstone is committed to helping clients be good stewards while investing in their new signs.  This is the "cornerstone" on which the company was founded.

Q. Which is better... Painted or powder coated finishes ?
A. In the sign industry, painted finishes are the "standard" finish. Most every sign you see while driving down every street in America has paint finished signs.  Signs prepared properly and painted with quality paints by certified painters using state of the art painting equipment last many years without any paint cracking or peeling. A sign not prepared properly will develop premature finish problems.  This is true of both finishes; painted or powder coated finishes. When you purchase a sign from Cornerstone Companies, that sign should provide you with zero paint problems for the life of the sign.


Oftentimes, the answer provided by some sales people is that whatever finish they provide is the very best.  The simple truth is that the finish for either technique is only as good as the craftsmen doing the finish work.  Finishes fade. That is true for both finishes.   

Cornerstone offers the very best quality finishes. While we do offer both finishes, we recommend painted finishes because if your sign ever required touchups, powder coated finishes are very difficult to touch up outside of a plant and the necessary ovens required of powder coated finishing. Interestingly, when a powder coated finish is touched up, it is done so using liquid paint... what we offer to begin with.  Thousands of institutional signs have been installed in all 50 states and have proven that painted finishes withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. 


The sign industry embraces painted finishes.  Most major and local sign companies provide painted finishes.  The reason is because this process has proven to be outstanding and devoid of the risks that can be presented with powder coated finishes.

Q. Do our signs come with vandal covers ?
A. Yes. All of our vandal covers are made of virtually unbreakable solar grade polycarbonate just as are the sign faces.  Standard models have sliding locking props. Premier models have gas powered cylinders, also referred to as gas struts. Both doors lock. Premier models have keyed locks.  Standard models have a keyless locking system.

Q. What about signs that are all aluminum ?
A. Aluminum is a great sign material as it does not rust. We never play word games about our signs. Components that are steel are typically concealed with aluminum covers. Our steel components are finished to be maintenance free.  Even all steel signs finished properly can be virtually maintenance free. Cornerstone only offers aluminum cabinets and pole covers. Some of the signs support components that require the most strength possible are however steel.

While aluminum does not rust, it does corrode. This is true of every sign made by anyone in America.  There are no "perfect" signs that going to last hundreds of years made by anyone.  This is true regardless of a warranty that is offered that might lead you to think that the case.

Q. Do our signs come with changeable letters ?
A. Yes. All proposals with copy trade faces include letters.

Q. Do our signs come with any warranty ?
A. Yes.  Our signs carry a limited lifetime warranty. Our lifetime warranty extends for the normal life of a sign. The normal life of a sign is twenty years. The warranty on stucco monument signs and LED signs is five years. 


Q. Why do we not offer a lifetime warranty that covers everything on the sign "forever"?

A. There are some companies that offer a warranty on everything in or on the sign forever. When considering that nothing lasts forever, Cornerstone made the decision that our clients understood that if we offered such a warranty, we would of course simply charge you more and put the money in the bank until you called with a maintenance issue. That is not a position that Cornerstone chooses to embrace. The typical maintenance items are lamps and ballasts.  We do not want our clients thinking that these things will last forever. They do not.  Our clients are not buying a part of the Grand Canyon.  We believe it is important to be as honest about this as possible.

Q. How long does it take to get my new sign ?
A. Normal production time is fifteen working days after reciept of all documents. We recommend allowing a couple of days for delivery.

Q. Will I need a sign company to install my new sign ?
A. Typically, the answer is no.  Most cities allow our clients to install their signs without the involvement of sign companies. When a local sign company's involvement is necessary, Cornerstone will either handle the installation on your behalf, or solicit bids from qualified installers in your area and provide these quotes to you.  The choice is always yours. We will not act as a general contractor and mark up the install quote. You will pay the installer directly. We want to earn your business.


Most churches and schools simply call upon the experience and availability of it's members and associates to install their sign. Our signs are designed and shipped so that they can be easily installed. We can provide you a 10-step guide and video to watch so that you feel comfortable with the process.

Your local electrician or brick mason are also outstanding sources for installing your new sign. Quite often they will be called upon to wire your sign or build your wall should you choose to have a wall built and they are more than capable of installing your sign. Our signs are shipped assembled and ready for easy installation by non-professionals.  We have never had a situation whereby a client was unable to perform their installation.


Your individual situation needs to be investigated prior to your ordering your new sign. Some local sign ordinances are more restrictive and make it necessary to subcontract your sign installation to a local sign professional.  Cornerstone has successfully subcontracted sign installations throughout the entire US. Your sales representative is qualified and willing to help you in every aspect of your sign installation.

Q. What if I have a question that you have not answered here ?
A. Call us. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to discuss any question that you might have.